Happy Halloween!

We are revisiting some of our projects and exploring the eerie tales behind them! Join us, if you dare, as we dig up the history on Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Berkeley Square and Fulham Palace…


45 Berkeley Square

Our role as Project Managers led us to 45 Berkeley Square, overseeing the refurbishment of existing Grade 1 listed offices. Little did our staff know, they were working just a few doors down from 50 Berkeley Square – the most haunted house in London.

With a sinister reputation, this house harbors terrifying entities. A maid, a captain, and Charles Harper met their untimely ends within its walls. The maid’s chilling shriek, “Don’t let it touch me!”, echoed through its haunted halls.

Fulham Palace

We worked on the conservation and restoration of Fulham Place over a number of years, with completion in 2019.

For more than two centuries, tales of the ghost of Booner have persisted. His spirit is said to wander the north rooms of the Tudor courtyard. Little did we know, in early 2019 – the same year we were working there – the latest sighting occurred.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hackney  

From 2016 to 2019, we undertook a transformation at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hackney. Established in 1872 as a children’s hospital, it moved to the Hackney Road building in 1904 and ceased operations in 1996. The building then stood empty until the hospital was transformed into high-quality residential properties.

Within these walls, many claim to have heard the sorrowful echoes of a weeping nurse, a poignant reminder of the hardships she witnessed. Some believe her spirit lingers, bound eternally to the place she served with compassion and care.

Our services included Employer’s Agent, Cost Consultant, Principal Designer, Joint Venture Management, and GLA Compliance Inspector.


As we reflect on these ghostly encounters, we’re reminded that history often leaves more than just footprints. It leaves echoes, imprints, and sometimes, even the faintest whispers of those who once called these places home.

🎃 Happy Halloween Everyone!

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